Very good experience

Wow, this company totally saved my day! They came, they saw, they fixed, all at a price that didn’t make me sweat.
The two technicians were punctual, and they knew exactly what to do to fix my broken outdoor unit. Overall, a great experience with AirconGenie and I highly recommend them for anyone who wants their aircon problems to vanish into thin air 🙂


Excellent Home AirCon Service

Professional, punctual, price competitive, tidy and very friendly – I was super impressed the first time I used this company for Home AC servicing and cleaning. I have used their service now for a number of years and their service continues to impresss. I highly recommend them for regular AC maintenance.


The Best Air Conditioning Repair Company in Thailand

You get what you pay for! I thought that all air conditioning companies were the same. Not true. I have 5 AC’s in my home that all needed to be cleaned and all had problems with noise, swing motor, and/or leaking. Every year, I would try to find a company that would fix the problems. One company told me I needed to buy a new unit. This year I was lucky to find Aircon Genie. They insisted that many times cleaning could solve the problems. They also made me aware that many companies do not properly do the cleaning. I was amazed that the leaking unit no longer leaked after proper cleaning. Two other units that had noise were resolved after cleaning. Two units required small motors. This company is honest and really know their stuff. I will never use another AC company again!

Victor Plessner

Excellent Service

I just wanted to thank you for excellent customer service yesterday. I dropped out a speculative Line question to your team and got a very quick response. I was impressed by the flexibility offered in that they hopped to be able to visit the next day to service all 8 of my units. I was even more impressed to get a message later asking if the team could come that day (on a Sunday). The team turned up about 2 hours later and quickly got to work. They worked quickly but thoroughly to ensure all the units were cleaned to an exacting standard. Payment couldn’t have been easier with bank transfer. I was very very pleased with the service received and will definitely be using you again for the next service.

Asher Hewitt

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