My AirCon is not cooling / leaking / not running like it should. But a cleaning was first recommended – how will that fix it? 

You would be surprised how many problems a cleaning may alleviate. Any unit that has not been cleaned in months typically needs one, so it’s the logical first step (and it may be the only step, too. We’ll do a thorough diagnostic.)

Should the gas be checked/refilled frequently?

Nope. It’s a sealed system, so if it’s cooling, the gas is fine.

Do you offer a warranty?

For aircon service, we offer a 30-day warranty on repairs we did.

What brands do you service and sell?

 Almost all of the name brands. The most popular are: Samsung, Daikin, Mitsubishi, Trane, LG, Carrier, and Panasonic. But regardless of brand, call us – we can fix it.

Do you sell and install new Air Conditioners?

Yes we do! Both with or without installation.

Do you offer a service contract?

Absolutely. In fact, it’s our most popular offering, because it ensures that your AC is always checked, cleaned, and working. It’s a great value.

If I buy an aircon from you, will it come with a warranty?

All aircons we sell come with the manufacturer’s warranty for the machine, and we offer a one year warranty for install/workmanship.

Another company was cheaper – why are you more money? 

This is explained on our “why us?” page. The simple answer is, you get what you pay for. In our case, you get exceptional, professional, trustworthy service.

Do your aircon servicemen speak English? 

Some do, most don’t (but many are learning!) That stated, for communication in English, please contact our office for assistance.

I already had someone check the aircon and I know what is wrong with it. Can you send someone to repair it?

Please understand that we have to do the diagnostic ourselves. Many times, someone else said a certain part was broken, but they were wrong.

I want to order parts for my aircon. Do you sell parts? 

Yes, we do. To order a part, we need the aircon model (and not the part number.)

I already have a part for my aircon. Can you install the part for me? 

No, we cannot.

IT’S HOT!! How fast can you get my new AC installed? 

Assuming payment is made, a day or two is not unusual.

I have two fancoil (inside) units but one condensing (outdoor) unit. Will I get a discount of the second condensing unit I don’t have?

No, the aircon number is counted only by the inside units. Some systems have only one condensing unit and several inside units, so only the inside units are counted.

My air conditioner is not cooling like it used to. Does the gas need topping up?

Perhaps not (indeed, too much gas could cause it not to cool). This goes back to the very first question on this page: it may just need a cleaning. The best thing to do is have our technician check for the problem.